Why You Need a StoryBrand Website Makeover

Your website is the first impression people have of your business. If your website is outdated, confusing, or just plain ugly, you're missing out on valuable leads and customers. A StoryBrand website makeover can change all that.

We all want an effective and beautiful website, but most don't know how to create one. However, because we tend to focus more on the design than on delivering a clear message, the modifications we make don't deliver the results we desire.

Consider a StoryBrand website makeover if your website needs an upgrade. Your website will look fantastic, but it will also become a powerful marketing tool to help you close more deals.

What is StoryBrand?

StoryBrand is a framework created by Donald Miller that helps businesses clarify their message and make their marketing more effective. The StoryBrand framework is based on the idea that people make decisions based on emotion, not logic.

In other words, people buy things because they want to feel something, not because they need something. When you understand this fundamental truth, you can craft a story that speaks to your ideal customer's emotional needs and compel them to take action.

Why Your Website Needs StoryBrand

Your website is the digital front door to your business. It's often the first impression your potential clients will have, so it's essential to ensure that your website makes a good one.

A StoryBrand website is designed to do just that. It's created with the customer in mind, so the site is easy to navigate and understand. Plus, it uses persuasive language and powerful visuals to guide visitors toward taking action.

In other words, a StoryBrand website is designed to get results.

If you do not see the results you want from your current website, consider a StoryBrand website makeover. It could be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

7 Reasons Why You Need a StoryBrand Website Makeover Now

Your website should be all about your ideal customer, not you. If your website is focused on you and your product, it's time to change. A StoryBrand website is designed to be customer-centric, so the entire site is geared toward helping your ideal customer solve their problem.

When you give your website a StoryBrand makeover, you tell people what matters and leave out the rest. It is never a good idea to confuse your customer, and with a StoryBrand website makeover, you will not have to.

1. Clarity of Your Brand Message

The first thing that a StoryBrand website makeover will give you is clarity of your brand message. It can be difficult to deliver a clear message when your website is cluttered or outdated.

Clarity is highly valued. Our brains are constantly looking for the most direct route to success. So it's one of the more challenging aspects of promoting your firm to take a step back and draw up the fundamentals.

With a StoryBrand website, everything on the page works together to support your main message. This means that visitors to your site will quickly understand what you do and why they should care.

You know everything there is to know about the company, and it all seems so vital. You'd want to inform potential clients about all of the fantastic services. Unfortunately, all that glitz and glamor sounds like meaningless chit-chat for them. 

Customers do not need to be experts. They simply want to know how your company or product can assist them in achieving their goals. A website makeover based on StoryBrand delivers a more concise message by defining the fundamental elements of your message and communicating who you are and how you may assist visitors without overwhelming them.

Why You Need a StoryBrand Website Makeover!

2. The Credibility of Your Brand

When you have a clear brand message, you can build credibility for your brand. If potential customers can't understand what you do or why they should care, they will not trust you.

A StoryBrand website communicates trustworthiness by sharing only the information relevant to the customer and using persuasive language that guides them toward taking action.

Your website is one of the first places people will go to learn about your company. So you want to make sure that your site builds trust with visitors so that they'll be more likely to do business with you.

A StoryBrand website makeover will help you accomplish this by ensuring that your site is easy to understand and navigate. The persuasive language used on a StoryBrand website will help to build credibility with potential customers.

3. Improvement in SEO Rankings

When your website is designed with clarity in mind, it will also be designed for search engines. This means that your site will be easy for them to crawl and index, which will improve your SEO rankings.

Better SEO means that more people will find your site when searching for keywords related to your business. And since StoryBrand websites are designed to be persuasive, those visitors are more likely to take action once they've found your site.

This increased visibility and improved conversion rates can significantly increase sales and revenue for your business. If you're not happy with your current SEO rankings, a StoryBrand website makeover can help you improve them.

4. Increase in Sales and Revenue

Improved SEO rankings will lead to increased traffic to your site. But that's not the only way a StoryBrand website can increase sales and revenue for your business.

Customers who browse your website for a longer period are now learning more about you. As they learn more about you, they are more likely to make a purchase or at least sign up for your mailing list. More leads equal greater business and revenue. 

The clarity of your brand message and the trustworthiness of your site will also lead to more sales. When potential customers understand what you do and why they should care, they are more likely to take action.

And when they trust your brand, they are more likely to do business with you. So a StoryBrand website makeover is an investment that can pay off in increased sales and revenue for your business.

5. Improved Customer Journey

Another benefit of a Story Brand website is improved customer service. When your site is easy to understand and navigate, potential clients can find the information they need quickly and easily.

The clear brand message on a StoryBrand website will help to reduce confusion. As a result, you will spend less time answering questions and more time doing the work you love because your website will be doing the selling for you.

This improved customer journey will lead to increased trust which equates to more revenue. Happy clients can’t wait to refer you to their network, which is also great for your bottom line.

6. Getting Passionate Again about Your Business

When you first started your business, you were likely passionate about it. But it's easy to lose sight of that passion as time goes on.

When we get caught up in the minutiae of business, it's easy to forget why we began. Amidst all the duties and hats we wear, we might lose sight of why our firm exists and how we assist.

Fortunately, the first step in a StoryBrand website makeover is to write a StoryBrand BrandScript, a document that clarifies your message. This procedure will distill your marketing message down to a single page of text. Then, you may utilize that strong page to turbocharge and reignite your enthusiasm for marketing.

Working on a StoryBrand website can help you reignite your passion for your business. It's a chance to remember why you started your business in the first place and to get excited about what you're doing again.

Seeing your business through your customers' eyes can give you new insights into how you can improve your products or services. You may even come up with some new ideas for marketing or promotions.

The days when you are feeling overwhelmed are when your brand script comes to the rescue. When decision fatigue has trapped you in a corner, your clear direction from developing a brand script will assist you in sorting through all of the alternatives.

7. Unity of Your Team

If you have a team of employees, they must be all on the same page for your brand message. A StoryBrand website can help with that.

When everyone understands your brand message and knows how to communicate it, they can work together more effectively. As a result, there will be less miscommunication and confusion and more unity among your team members.

This sort of clarity isn't just beneficial for you and your clients. It can also help energize your team. Consider being able to launch new employee onboarding by clearly defining your company's purpose and how it serves people. Imagine a staff that is both motivated and organized, dedicated to a single clear objective.

Final Words about Using the StoryBrand Framework on Your Website

A StoryBrand website makeover is an investment that can pay off in increased sales and revenue for your business. It can also improve your client journey, get you excited about your business again, and unite your team. The benefits of a compelling narrative and a clear message. are endless.

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