Getting this clear about what I do was priceless.

You can't put a price tag on it because the the benefits will continue as long as I'm working. It's timeless! And the psychology behind Kris' approach totally blew my mind!

–Andrea Giles, Coach

I love Kris Jones’ work!

"Marketing should not be a black box investment. It won't be if you hire Kris."

Donald Miller,

Author of Building a StoryBrand

Clients are already sold before I get on the phone with them.

It was so easy for me because Kris did the heavy lifting. And yet, I was engaged in just enough to make sure the copy truly was aligned with my voice.

–Molly Claire, Coach

It felt too good to be true, and yet is was true!

I wasted at least two years trying to do it on my own. If only I had invested in myself sooner. Now that I have the right words, I'm way more confident — and I use those words in everything I do!

–Mikki Gardner, Coach

“I'm booked solid for the next 6 months and already making $100k above my best year ever!”

—Bill Zipp, Coach

More clarity = I'm closing 95% of my sales calls.

Crafting my Signature Story helped me get clear in my own mind about what I do and how I do it. It's boosted my confidence and made me feel like an expert.

–Andrea Giles, Coach

Kris helped me go farther, faster with the right Story.

When I saw my Story it was like, 'yes, this is me in words' and I didn't have those words until now. It was really freeing and rewarding.

–Dana Byers, Coach

I made 93K in the last 3 months with my Story!

This was literally the answer to my prayers. I finally have words that resonate with my ideal client and increase conversions. Having Kris by my side and not having to do it alone made it so efficient.

–Neill Williams, Coach

I have such a sense of calm knowing it's done right.

I love StoryBrand but found it really hard to implement on my own. Kris made it easy! Now, having a website that's doing the heavy lifting for us is just so calming — and our waitlist is filling up.

–Holly Haines, Coach

There's no one better to work with in this business.

The most delightful part of the process is working with Kris herself. There is no one like Kris Jones. She will understand the essence of your business, like she did mine and she will create a beautiful product that has resonance with clients. And she'll do it in a way that full of joy, play and beauty.

–Lisa Hunefeld, Coach

Kris keeps it simple and every step felt easy.

I was really happy with the Story we crafted and have been using it in every area of my business. That box is checked on having a solid, clear sales page that works. Also, seeing how she runs her business has helped me simplify how I run mine.

–Molly Claire, Coach

I'm charging 6X more for the exact same service.

I was not making enough, burning out and about to close the doors of my business — so investing in Kris was a big leap.

I know what I do, but she helped me communicate it in a simple way that resonated with my ideal clients.

Now that my business is cohesive and aligned from the inside out, I show up more confidently and our clients see us in a more elevated way. I even have a sense of swagger about my brand.

Within just a few weeks, my pipeline filled up and my revenue was 40% higher than my previous highest month!

If you're struggling to reach your target market or command the price point you know you deserve, Red Door is the perfect fit.

–Michael King, Coach

I have peace of mind with a clear plan to ensure my growth continues.

My site was a muddled mess that was undermining my credibility. It was embarrassing. Kris saved me from many ineffective rabbit holes. She helped me avoid mistakes I would have made because I just didn't know.

Now I feel a sense of pride about my website. I have peace of mind with a clear plan in place to ensure my growth continues.

Having her as a trusted advisor and a brilliant thought partner was the very best thing I could have done for my business.

–Bill Zipp, Coach & Consultant

A comprehensive service at this price point is rare.

I used to avoid sending people to my website. Now it's the first place I send them because I have confidence in my messaging. I use the same story every single place I appear online including social media, linked in, my email signature and more!

–Jason Burby, Coach

YES, it's working! She hit the home run I hoped for.

I may (or may not) have shed some tears when I saw my Story come together. There's a real comfort and confidence having everything aligned and cohesive.

My practice grew to the point where I needed to bring on a partner, which was my ultimate goal.

–Scot Sullivan, Medical Practitioner

“The quality of Red Door's work is miles apart from anyone else in the market.”

—Mike Elliott, Elliott Law


I'm more articulate and my confidence has grown.

I couldn't really articulate what it was that I needed to say to bring my Story to life... which was really frustrating. Kris helped me do it in a way that was authentic and allowed me to become more articulate and confident with my clients. Now they can see the value of the work I provide.

The psychology she interwove behind her approach was so fascinating.

–Mark Colgan, Wealth Advisor

All the things that were foggy became clear.

I was worried if I hired someone, they wouldn't be able to capture my essence. But the process allowed me to express myself online in a heartfelt and genuine way. It was astounding!

–Mary Huang, Wellness Practitioner

The clarity helped me take my foot off the breaks and accelerate.

Before Kris, I kept second guessing myself and the story I was trying to write — like writers block. I was too close to my own work and Kris provided the perspective I needed to communicate clearly. Now I'm reinvigorated about my business!

–Thomas Stelter, Coach

I felt really seen and heard throughout the process.

I felt a lot lighter. Like, whew, that load is off of my back and now I can really get to the work of helping others (and not being bogged down with marketing).

–Shondra, Coach

It was really freeing. My Story brought clarity to every facet of my business.

I read StoryBrand but didn't have the brain space to figure out how to implement it myself. Kris saved me so much time!

–Crystal, Wellness Practitioner

It was a miracle how she brought forth my purpose. Now I can share it with the world!

I was really stuck and frustrated trying to communicate the depth of what I do. I'd spend hours explaining my work to potential clients each week. Now my website does all that for me. I have a streamlined platform in which to grow.

Kris really listened and distilled my Story for me. My overwhelm melted away and was replaced with calm, confidence and clarity.

–Brandy, Wellness Practitioner

You gave me back my energy and you gave me back my time.

Kris, what you did for me was help me to discover who I am and to be confident in who I am. I was able to really have more clarity around what it is that I do and what makes me stand out.

I didn't have to figure it all out on my own anymore.It felt lighter, freer, more streamlined, like I could concentrate on what I love to do — and not have to worry about the things that I don't love to do.

–LaChelle, Coach

Take your brand from confusing to clear!

Case studies of clients experiencing big wins and accelerated growth.

“My revenue is 40% higher!”

–Mike King


  • Communicate their value to a new and more complex market.
  • Align their branding with they are today, and who they want to become.
  • Increase annual revenue.

Scope of Work:

  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Design & Build
  • Photoshoot Art Direction & Mood Board
  • Podcast Cover Design & Landing Page


"Just a few weeks after our project completed, it was obvious that our new branding was helping us reach our goals. The sales pipeline was filling up. And we closed a number of deals with clients that were perfectly aligned with the new client profile we had envisioned. 

December, which is typically a challenging month for us, was the best month in our history. Our revenue will be 40% higher than the previous highest revenue month!"

​— Mike King, CEO, KFE Consulting

“Everything feels more organized and purposeful.”

East Portland Sash Overview

East Portland Sash are experts in vintage wood window restoration. While they had a great brand foundation, their website was dated and didn’t fully explain their level of expertise.

  • Clarify messaging that connects with target audience
  • Elevate brand visuals and stand out in the industry
  • Increase revenue & profits
Scope of Work
  • StoryBrand Strategy
  • Logo & Brand Refinement
  • Website Messaging & Design

“Kris helped us clarify our messaging and concentrate on the most important aspects of our brand and marketing material. The result is that our marketing strategies are now unified into a few key pieces that effectively encapsulate our mission. Everything feels more organized and purposeful.

As a client, you can trust Kris to expertly guide you though the marketing process, give feedback that will help clarify your message, and give you a product that is incredibly high quality.” — Geoffrey Halsey

“I went from a cookie-cutter website to something that 100% resonates.”

Dr. Kim Okamura Overview

The client knew she wanted an entirely new marketing approach that infused her personality into a professional dentistry practice, but struggled to find a creative approach that resonated with her vision. 

  • Clarify messaging that connects with target audience
  • Elevate brand visuals and stand out in the industry
  • Increase revenue & profits
Scope of Work
  • StoryBrand Strategy
  • Logo & Brand Refinement
  • Photoshoot Art Direction
  • Website Messaging & Design

“We went from a flat, cookie-cutter website to something that 100% resonates with our team’s personality and professional approach. There is continuity with our practice vision, reputation, team members and relationships with each of our patients.


The whole process was really fun and positive, and the one-on-one discussions helped me discover who I am and what my business message is. Kris’s superpower is identifying what makes someone unique and expressing that through design and messaging. I made a smart decision to seek her expertise! ” —Dr. Kim Okamura