One story can transform your entire business.

Let me write it for you.

Get your business working for you instead of the other way around.

What did I learn working with these companies? The power of Story.

Brand Logos

You became a coach to have more freedom, but that's probably not how it feels.

Woman, struggling with ehr marketing

How many of these can you relate to?

You fumble your words when asked, "What do you do?".

Your income is inconsistent from month to month.

You rely solely on referrals which is unpredictable.

You cringe when someone asks for your website address.

People don't really "get" what it is that you do.

You get stuck and frustrated when writing for your business.

You've tried outsourcing but it didn't feel aligned with your voice.

You feel insecure on sales calls because you dread "selling".

People's eyes glaze over when you talk about your work.

You can't remember the last time you got a client from your website.

Allow me to introduce you to, future you.

Things are about to get sooooo much easier.

And you don't need to be a multi-million dollar company to get there.

People light up and lean in when you tell them what you do.

Your income is continually increasing over time.

The right clients consistently find you.

People "get" you and refer you to others who need you.

You enjoy sales calls 'cause you don't have to sell anymore.

Talking about your work ignites an engaging conversation.

You already have the words you need so writing feel simple.

You don't outsource copy because it's already done.

You proudly send people to your site because it's effective.

Leads effortlessly turn into paying clients.

I'm talkin' about confidence and clarity in every area of your business.

Get a Return on Investment

Implement a strategy that's so effective and timeless, it guarantees a return.

Stay in Your Zone of Genius

With powerful selling tools working 24/7, you can focus on what you love.

Know It's Done Right

Have an industry pro by your side so you have peace of mind it’s working.

How I replaced almost all of my marketing with a single story.

1. Craft Signature Story

I distilled my brand's essence, and unique value into a compelling narrative that authentically resonates with my ideal client.

2. Integrate Across All Platforms

I infused my Signature Story into all marketing platforms and materials, enhancing consistency, trust and recognition.

3. Connect With Audience

I used my Signature Story in emails and podcasts, demonstrating how my story aligns with what my audience wants.

4. Inspire Them to Take Action

I designed my Signature Story to lead to a strategic call to action that inspires leads to become paying clients that are excited to work with me.

An open book

Your Signature Story is the missing piece that can change everything.

Use it everywhere to sell for you 24/7


Sales Pages

Instagram Bio

Email Signature

Lead Magnets

Social Media Ads

Automated Email Sequences

Podcast Episodes

Consults & Sales Calls

eBook Introduction

LinkedIn Profile

Professional Bio

Instagram Stories Highlights

Facebook Group Page

Podcast Guest Introductions

YouTube Channel

Services Descriptions

Speaker Bio

Business Cards

Proposals & Estimates

I understand the second guessing and frustration that comes with trying to write it yourself.

I know you want to be a successful entrepreneur who makes good money and stands out for their expertise. In order to do that, you need to clearly communicate what makes you unique and why people should choose you.

The problem is, you don't have the amount of clients you need to reach your income goals. This can leave you feeling discouraged — unsure why your efforts aren't getting you results.

I believe that simplicity is the key to a successful business.

That's why I've spent the last 20 years honing my 'Less is More' approach to marketing. I've made it my mission to help entrepreneurs like you build a profitable business with minimal effort.

Here's how I'm different from the rest:

Uncover Your Story: I dive deep to reveal the powerful narrative already within you, setting the foundation for all your marketing.

Authentic Connections:

Leveraging your unique story to create connections, leading to more clients and consistent income growth.

Simplify to Amplify: We cut through the clutter, focusing only on a strategy that genuinely resonates with your audience, saving you time and money.

Let's get back to the heart of why you started your business. We'll infuse clarity, simplicity, and the power of your story into everything we do.

Ready to simplify your path to success? Book a call with me.

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Logo StoryBrand

I was able to grow my business 5x faster!

I made 100k in just 93 days with my Signature Story!

This is not another diy course or group program.

It's just you and me, baby — 1 on 1.

Because you don't need more information. You need actual help.


The Signature StorySelling System

The foundation that allows you to focus more on the work you love and less on marketing.

How it Works:

Step 1. Mine for Gold

I will pull your story out from inside your head and heart.

Step 2. Write the First Rough Draft

I'll write the first draft of your Signature Story so you don't have to.

Step 3. Collaborate 1-on-1 with Kris

Together, on our 90-minute Collaboration Call, we'll hone your story so it communicates your value and resonates with your ideal clients.

Step 4. Deploy Your Story

Use your story everywhere you show up online and in person. This builds trust, maximizes income and turns on the "client getting faucet".

You'll confidently walk away with everything you need for a simple and profitable business.


1 - Clarify Your Message

Comprehensive Brand Copy Bible

You'll have one document that contains all words you'll ever need for for your marketing —  from social media to emails and more. No more struggling with what to say. Just copy and paste it from your Brand Bible.

StoryBrand Website Content

High-Converting content that turns your website into your top sales employee — ensuring visitors become clients with ease.

Web Design

Guidance & Support

Guidance and feedback with detailed roadmap ensuring a solid foundation for design, flow, image placement and functionality.

Elevator Pitch


A distillation your brand's essence into a powerful one-liner that opens conversations and captivates interest immediately.

Cohesive Social Media Profiles

Show up online like a pro with cohesive social profiles that help your followers easily understand what you do and why it matters to them.

2 - Automate the Selling Process

Homepage Video

Script That Builds Trust

Feature this video on your homepage to double conversions, build trust and connect emotionally with your audience.

Craft Compelling Testimonials That Sell

Three powerful testimonials are edited to highlight the transformation you provide in order to enhance credibility and increase conversions.

Your Signature Process Infographic

A conceptual graphic recommendation that shows your unique process for solving your client's problem. This builds trust in a big way.

Non-Selling Sales Call Method

Use your Signature Story to know exactly what to say on sales calls. Turn leads into clients without having to "sell".

3 - Expand Your Reach

Lead Magnet List

Building Strategy

A compelling lead magnet concept that captures emails and converts visitors into leads by offering valuable content.

Custom Social Media

Canva Templates

Professionally designed social media templates in Canva, ensuring your posts are both engaging and brand-aligned.