Learn how to leverage your Story to attract a steady stream of clients.

Podcast Interviews Featuring Kris Jones

Binge-Worthy Episodes

Clear Copy That Converts: An Interview with Kris

With Kris Jones & Molly Claire

The Masterful Coach Podcast

How to Tell Your Story to Connect and Convert Clients

With Kris Jones & Rachel Feldman

Healthy Hustle Podcast

Eavesdrop on a StoryBrand Coaching Session by Kris Jones

With Kris Jones & Dr. J.J. Peterson

Marketing Made Simple Podcast

How to Create Your Marketing Message in 5 Simple Steps

With Kris Jones & Dr. J.J. Peterson

Marketing Made Simple Podcast

Unleashing The Power of Storytelling In Your Copy

With Kris Jones & Courtney Lazaar

The Backend Brain Podcast

Story Brand Copy that Sells with Red Door Designs CEO

With Kris Jones & Melanie Barr

She Built It Podcast

Website Copy that Sells

With Kris Jones & Kristen Edwards

Amplify Ambition Podcast

Writing Compelling Copy

With Kris Jones & Janice Porter

Relationships Rule Podcast

Using Storytelling for Better Marketing – Write Your Elevator Pitch with Us!

With Kris Jones & Kristin Sweeting

Dangerous Creatives Podcast

How to Use Storytelling to Write Your Website Homepage

With Kris Jones & Kaye Putnam

Brand Gravity Podcast

How to Answer the Question, "What do you Do?" with Storybrand Expert Kris Jones

With Kris Jones & Holly Haynes

Crush the Rush Podcast

Getting off the hamster wheel of the 9 to 5.

With Kris Jones & Mike Brennan

Creative Chats Podcast

Talk About Quick Copywriting That Sells

With Kris Jones & Renée Dalo

Talk with Renée Dalo

The Hero's Journey to a Successful Photography Website

With Kris Jones & Natalie Jennings

Photo Business Help

Mastering the Art of Sales Page Copy That Sells

With Kris Jones & Neill Williams

The 6 Figure Coach

How to Write Website Copy That Sells—In 2.5 Hours Flat

With Kris Jones & Rick Mulready

The Art of Online Business

Create Compelling Copy That Converts

With Kris Jones & Scott and Kati Molchan

Million Dollar Landscapers

Create Compelling Copy That Converts

With Kris Jones & Robyn Graham

The Robyn Graham Show

How To Answer "What Do You Do?" When You're A Health Coach

With Kris Jones & Dr. Kim Foster

Marketing & Mindset for Wellness Coaches Podcast

5 Mistakes Most Business Owners Make with Copywriting

The process of writing copy that sells in 2.5 hours flat!

With Kris Jones & Neill Williams

The 6-Figure Coach Podcast

How to Write Sales Copy That Explodes Revenue

With Kris Jones & Elyse Archer

She Sells Radio

Powerful Storytelling That Increases Revenue

With Kris Jones & Jackie Ellis

The So Worth It Podcast

How Effective Storytelling Can Get You More Clients

With Kris Jones & Marissa Roberts

The Simpler Business Podcast

The Storytelling Framework That Will Make You More Sales

With Kris Jones & Katie Bambrick

High Impact Podcast

How to Write Compelling Website Copy that Sells

With Kris Jones & Rachel Brooks

The Confident Woman Podcast

How to Attract More Clients Through Effective Storytelling

With Kris Jones & Amanda Edwards

Imperfectly Ambitious Podcast

Creating a Strategic Website to Attract Your Dream Clients

With Laura & Ales, The She x Shines Podcast

How to Leverage Storytelling in your Business

The Emily Hibard Show

The 3 Secrets to a Great Customer Experience

With Michael King, In the Trenches

How to Sell the Transformation by Story-telling

With Kris Jones & Steph Weber

BRANDED! with Steph Weber Podcast