The 5 Best Ways to Share Your Brand Story Through Video

I came across an article recently on how valuable product videos are for increasing buyer conversion rates. I wasn’t too surprised to learn that videos make up nearly three-quarters of the top 100 search results—or this little nugget:

"Viewers who watch product videos are at least 64% more likely to make a purchase."

-Kissmetrics, 2012

​Video is a powerful marketing tool and there’s no question that you should be using it for your business. If you’re a service-based company, though, product videos might not be as feasible. Here are five other effective kinds of video that you can use to enhance your brand’s message and attract more clients:

​1. The company introduction

​One element of building a successful brand is creating opportunities to inspire your audience. A company introduction video is a compelling, creative way to do just that. By highlighting your core values, mission, and unique point of view, you can inspire viewers to take a closer look at what you have to offer.

​2. The real life example

​Seeing a product video helps buyers feel confident that what they see is what they’ll get. A real life example video has a similar impact and is more useful for service-based businesses. It gives prospective clients a glimpse into what their experience will be like to work with you, while also answering many of the questions they might have.

​3. The client interview

​A raving testimonial is one of the most powerful ways to highlight your experience and prove the awesome results you deliver. A client interview video is much more compelling, because it lets potential clients see and hear what it’s like to work with you from people who already have (and hopefully loved the experience).

​4. The behind-the-scenes look

​Part of what makes a brand memorable is knowing the process behind what makes it work. Getting a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of your brand makes people feel like an “insider”. You’re no longer just a company selling them a product or service. You’re a small team of people working together to deliver something of value for them. In addition, they’re no longer just a customer or client. They’re one of the lucky people who get to be the essential final piece of your process.

​5. The team introduction

​In the age of conscious consumerism, the best way to set your brand apart is to show the brilliant personalities behind it. Highlighting your team adds a more approachable, human element to your brand. When people can associate faces with names and titles, your brand becomes for familiar to them and they’re more inclined to trust you.

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