Strategically Take a Year Off From Instagram, with Neill Williams and Kris Jones

Are you tired of the constant pressure to post on Instagram? 🤯

If you are anything like me, social media posting always falls to the end of my to-do list.

It’s like that looming homework assignment that literally never goes away. 


Neill Williams and I talk about a strategy that will change the way you view social media management forever.

Here's what you’ll discover and why it matters to you:

🌟 Learn about the "Freedom 15" and how it helps you take the year off social media.

🔥 Find out why focusing on strategic content beats daily posting.

💡 Get insights into applying the StoryBrand framework to Instagram to let it work for you on autopilot.

This episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneur seeking to reclaim their time. 🚀

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Let’s face it, running a business is tough.

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind and forget the one thing that can help you stand out with little to no effort.

After 20 years in the industry, I’m here to tell you there is a simpler way to build a profitable business.

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Strategically Take a Year Off From Instagram

Success Genius Podcast, with Neill Williams and Kris Jones

Welcome to Success Genius, the only podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs who are serious about transforming their productivity game. I'm your host, Master Certified Life Coach and Yogi Neill Williams. And I believe that true productivity doesn't come from more hours in the office, but from the mindsets and habits that leverage your maximal focus and energy.

On this podcast, we'll dive deep into next level habits, Transcripts, mindset shifts, and unique practices like Yoga Nidra. But we're steering clear of any band aid solutions and time wasting fads. You will hear me talk about quick fixes, hacks, and trendy apps that promise the world and deliver nothing.

Let's be real. How many planners and time management systems have you bought that are either collecting digital or literal dust? You and I both know these don't work. This show is all about the simple, everyday, high impact practices validated by neuroscience and psychology, because as it turns out, your body is as pivotal to your productivity as your mind.

So if you want to get 40 hours of work done in 10, stick around, we've got a lot to talk about. I'm Neill Williams, and this is the success genius podcast. Welcome to episode 214, the final episode in this current four part series on efficiency in business. Thanks for listening. Let me ask you a little question when it comes to creating your social media posts, whether it's Instagram or Tik TOK or anything else, how do you feel about that each week?

I don't know about you, but it's one of those things that I can easily kick the can on and punt till the very last thing on my schedule each week. If that is you, then this episode is for you. Neill is going to cover the story brand formula for us again. So we're going to get educated on that framework, but she's also going to help us apply it with her freedom 15 tool.

Now, if you're interested in that, this is a tool she developed. It's super cool, and it will allow you to strategically take a year off of Instagram. So if you're tired of spending hours each week on your Instagram and want a tool that lets you take the year off, just like I do, join me in this episode and hear how to apply the Freedom 15 tool that brilliant copywriter, Neill Jones has come up with.

Neill, welcome back to the show. I am so very excited to have you on today sharing this brand new tool that is going to help all of us as busy entrepreneurs strategically take a year off of Instagram. Hallelujah. Thank you. Thank you,. I'm so thrilled to be here. Yeah. So you've been here before. You are my StoryBrand copywriter, which we're going to talk about StoryBrand in just a minute.

But you messaged me a couple of weeks ago with a brand new tool that you had created. And literally, I mean, I haven't had this response to an offer or tool or a program in a long time, but it really stopped me in my tracks. I was like, Oh my gosh, this is like the most brilliant thing I have seen for a long time.

So I immediately was like, okay, I'm doing this. And do you want to come on the podcast and talk about it? Because I think it's, it's something that is like. It felt like such a lift off because for me, at least doing my weekly Instagram, like coming up with the content and then doing the posts and then managing it and all that just feels like a lot and something I dread.

So it was like such a refreshing idea that you had here. Yes. Yes. As coaches, we wear so many hats and we have full full plates. So the last thing we want to do is just feel obligated to post and have a presence on Instagram. And, you know, sometimes the posts are good, but a lot of them I don't know if you've noticed this, but when you get on Instagram, a lot of people are just posting out of obligation.

And so the content isn't always quality. It's often filler because we come to it with that feeling of, okay, my obligatory post for the day or for the, you know, so, so yeah, it's like a win win. It's so good and yeah, I do think like we get caught in the like quality idea and focus when it comes to social media versus really thinking about quality.

And I, when I think about what your, this tool that we're going to talk about called the freedom 15 in my mind, at least it feels like very quality content on Instagram and very simple and really something that Can help us grow our businesses and kind of like do work behind the scenes without us having to constantly be posting stuff on Instagram.

So I love it for so all of those reasons. And right, right. I mean, I think, you know, my My main offer is called copy that sells, which you named and, and what I love about the main offer is that it really turns your sales page or your homepage into your top sales employee. And so the concept is really similar.

How can we turn Instagram into your, your award winning top sales employee without you having to constantly feed it. Oh, my gosh. That's so powerful. So hopefully everybody is stopping right now and really thinking about that. Yes, I want Instagram to be a top sales person, just like I want my sales page to be one of my top sales people.

So before we dive into the tool, cause it's super cool. It's like I said, brilliant. Let's take a step back and go up and and just quickly hit the highlights of the story brand framework and formula just so everybody can see how that's interwoven inside of this new Freedom 15 tool they created. Okay, so every story you've ever heard, read, every movie you've ever gone to begins with a character or a hero that has a problem they don't know how to solve.

So, they're out and about, usually on Google, trying to find somebody, trying to find a guide who can help them overcome and solve this problem. As the guide, I guess what I want you you to take away here is that you are the guide. You are Mr. Miyagi. You are Yoda. And your clients Or your students are really the hero of your story.

So when I talk about storytelling for your business, it's less about telling like your story and it's more of inviting your potential clients into a narrative with you, into a story with you, where they can really envision themselves as the hero in that story. And they get to envision you as the guide.

The guide is really the strongest character of the story because they know how to solve the problem that the hero doesn't know how to solve. So the guide, really their, their purpose is to help their hero win the day. But the heroes really, they want to find success, but it feels overwhelming for them to reach it.

It feels daunting and overwhelming. Otherwise, if it didn't, they would just solve it themselves, right? So, our One of our roles as the guide is to help them envision a brighter future for themselves. What's possible for them? They're stuck, they're overwhelmed, they're struggling, and it's our job to really remind them what's possible.

And also a big part of our role is to remind them that it's not going to be so hard and overwhelming to get to where they want to go. And the way we do that as guides is to break it down and give them a clear plan. We want to call them to action. If they don't take action, they're not going to solve the problem, right?

They're going to stay stuck where they're at. So, let's do that. We break it down into a three step plan that calls them to action, and then that results in them experiencing success. And we also want to really remind them that we're going to help them avoid failure too, because our brains are motivated to take action if we know it's going to help us avoid failure.

And that's one mistake I see a lot online these days is we talk a lot about failure. success or what you're going to get or what you're going to achieve. We forget to really remind them that we're also going to help them avoid failure. And doing that is really our gift to them. It's our gentle, loving nudge that if you don't do anything, this problem is not going anywhere.

Yeah. And I think that's so powerful because if you read any of the psychology literature, And on motivation, we are actually much more motivated to avoid failure than we are to achieve success. It seems opposite, right? But I agree. I mean, I've been guilty of this for sure and something you have pointed out to me multiple times.

You need to have that piece where you show them what is the cost here? Like what is going to happen if they don't take action? Yeah, and I think a tangible way to think about this is think about when you went to a movie last time, did you get up and leave? In the middle of the movie. No, you didn't. It pulled you in because the hero had a problem and, and your little buns didn't get up off of that chair because of stakes.

If there are not stakes in the story, it's not compelling. Also said the way to create a compelling story is to have stakes. And that means creating a healthy tension between success and failure. And I love that. So good. So tell me, you already said this a little bit, but I think this is a really powerful idea.

It's basically taking that, that story brand philosophy, and you've nuanced this a little bit to make it even more powerful in your own way and taking it from like an actual sales page. Like we think about a sales page, a webpage in our brains, and we create an Instagram version of that. Blew my mind. I was like, why has not, nobody's ever thought about this like this before.

Well, I think a lot of people are familiar with the idea of a nine grid, which is essentially a way of posting where visually, when you look at the overall grid of the page, they connect with each other. And so I don't think that idea is necessarily new, but my. Approach to it is really different because it's driven by story and it's like when you make a big pot of chili, you want to put all the ingredients in.

You can't just put the beans in and go, here's your chili, honey. So you have to have all the ingredients there in order to create a compelling story. And so the idea is to really. Be intentional, be very intentional with the 15 posts that you create, that each of them are representative of the ingredients of a very compelling story.

And, The reality is when somebody hears about you or learns about you, one of the first things they're going to do is check you out on Instagram, right? And they're going to stalk you on Instagram, what's going on? And so the idea here is really less about having to feed the beast and constantly post and To have 15 very clear strategic posts that when they do stalk you, they look at you and within just a few minutes, they really get an understanding of what you do, what problem you solve, how it's going to make their life better, maybe a freebie of how they can work with you, or a freebie of how you can help them Experience a mini win and ultimately the call to action what you want them to do next, right?

How we know our how we know our sales page or websites are working is if the people who visit are clicking on the call to action. And so really the purpose of the Freedom 15 is to give them enough information so they can identify if they're the right fit type of client for you. And if we create enough interest and intrigue and resonance and trust and all the beautiful things that Story do for us, if we do that well, then they're going to click on that call to action.

So good. So after you sent me and you were so kind because you slacked me and you said, here's this thing. And I immediately slacked you back. And I was like, Oh my gosh, this is a million dollar offer. You're like, I know I'm going to bring it up. Right. I was like, Oh, good. And so then you also sent me a loom of what you were putting together, like what yours look like in all the different pieces, which was super helpful.

So we have this in process in the background. I don't have it applied as of the time that we're recording this, Hopefully by the time this goes live, maybe it will be up and everybody can see. But yours is up. So I've just been like stalking your Instagram. It's like looking at the 15, right? Understanding it.

And I can see because you've taught me so much about the StoryBrand framework. I can see where it all fits in and how it is really a mini sales page. Basically, it kind of like walks someone through the steps that I'm like, Oh, that's this section on the sales page or this section on the sales page that you've taught me about.

So it's really brilliant. So I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind like walking us through, but Or if it's not all 15, maybe like the highlights of what the grid should include, or if they buy the freedom 15, what they will get, like what you will help them achieve. Definitely. And, and I think for many people, it's, it's hard to envision just until, you know, you saw it, it really clicked for you.

And so if you want to check my grid out, you can go to red door design. No S at the end, just R E D D O O R D E S I G N and look at the grid. And when you do, you'll notice a nice balance of like visual storytelling and also clear messaging that really guide people through and pull people in. So, The first post is really an introduction to me as the guide in the story.

So the, the way that I approach guide sections are less like about me, but it's more about me as it relates to you. And it's a nuanced shift, but it's a, it's a way more effective way to talk about me in a way that's going to help you really. understand if you want to work with me or not. And, and get a sense of if you want to work with me or if you resonate with me.

And it's not so much about what I like to do on the weekends and my dog Henry and stuff like that. Right. Nothing wrong with that, but this is a different about section. So this is me. At the beginning of the story, stepping in as the guide and then to the right, it's really every story begins with a hero that has a problem.

They don't know how to solve. So we want to start that out. That's the hook. That's how we pull them into this story. If they can relate to that problem, they are fully engaged. They're like, okay, this is me. Yes, totally. Yeah. And you all, you're going to need to go to her Instagram to see it, but it's very clear as she's explaining it, you'll, you'll connect the per description to the different posts.

Which I love. And so definitely check it out and, you know, feel free to, to emulate it. Part of an important way that we step into this story as the guide is through empathy. And so of course we want to show that we know how to solve the problem. We want to show our authority in that. But true guides don't even need to brag or really, be boisterous about their authority.

You know, when you've met someone who's a real expert at what they do, they actually lead with empathy rather than authority. And so you'll see there in the post right below my image. I get it not being able to find the right words is frustrating. So they're just leading in with really clear and simple empathy.

So that's an important part of the story. And then I created layers and sliders in my post. So like each post is really meaty, but you can simplify that or make it more complex. People's eyes are really drawn to the middle post. And so that headshot of me in the middle and my core offer is right below that headshot of me.

So you really want to make sure your core offer or the way that you want people to work with you the most is right there in the middle. That's going to feel good. Just like when people are taking. A multiple choice test, they're more likely to choose the middle option, option B, right? Because it just feels, feels good.

It's nestled in between those things. So we want to be strategic about that. And then of course you do want to build authority and trust. This is outside of the story brand framework, but I've been on a bunch of different podcasts. And so I want to remind people like if you're a podcast person, here are some podcasts that will allow you to get to know me better.

And also just building that authority. I mentioned before about the importance of the plan. And I show this in a couple of different ways. A three step plan is a really great way just to remind them it's not going to be as hard as you think it is. So underneath my core offer, I break it down. Here's how it works.

Here's my signature process. And then in the right. In the picture to the right of that, I talk about the three step plan of engaging with me. So step one, schedule a call and I get into the three ways that you can work with me. The other thing that I've added in here in actually three different other areas, I really wanted to feature The transformation that I provide for my clients, but people believe what other people say about you more than they believe what you say about you.

So me talking about what I can do only goes so far. Yeah. And so I've created a few. different posts because that trust is such an important thing to double down on of testimonials, things that clients have said, and I've even included video testimonials, which we all know people love to absorb content through videos.

So if you have video testimonials, great, add them in there and then create a beautiful, you know, cover image for those testimonials. Yeah, like there's one right here that I can see. I mean, I, I see my testimony, which is awesome. And then I see even like a video of Donald Miller talking about you and how amazing you are.

So yeah, yeah. So a lot of people come to me after reading the book, building a story brand, they get partway through it, you know, they get partway through it and they're like, okay, I'm on board. I'm going to try this and then they try it and they feel frustrated they can't do it themselves. And so a lot of the people that I work with, like they're cringing because they don't have the right words on their website or on their sales page.

And I call them the cringers. The other people I work with are called the drivers and they're just so busy working in their business that they can't, they're not really, they don't have the bandwidth to work On their business. Yeah. Yeah. And then the third type of people that I work with, I call the noodlers.

And those are the people that are up on YouTube, you know, on a weekend night trying to tweak and fine tune and tweak and fine tune and find that thing that's really going to make their business work and be more effective. No matter which one you are, ultimately your words are not effectively helping you grow and getting you more clients.

And so, people get turned on to building a story brand, they read part of the book, and then they get frustrated or fed up, and then they reach out to me. So for me, having a testimonial from Donald Miller is a really important way to build that trust, and so that deserved kind of its own spot in the Freedom Committee.

Totally, totally makes sense. Yeah. And then the other piece of the Freedom 15 is really that freebie, like how can you help your clients or your potential clients get to know you better, build a little authority, but also help provide a mini win for them that helps them find success and also makes them much more likely to want to work with you.

So I have my freebie on here as its own post. I love it. And this just makes me think I wouldn't have thought to do it this way. There's so many people who post grab my free thing, but this is a totally different way of doing that because it is seated in all of this other stuff that really, I don't even know.

I can't even articulate the right words here, but it is. It's selling them on what you're already providing in a way that's just like when someone looks at this, they're already going to be sold in my opinion, just by looking at the format of your Instagram grid, because clearly you know what you're doing.

Right? Just, it's just such a beautiful example of what you do and it's laid out and it's gorgeous. It's all in your branding. It all, it's, it walks you through a journey almost like I'm clicking on these just as you're talking to this. Oh yeah, yes, that's my problem. And then yes, yes, that's what I want. Oh, Right.

The Cringer. Right? I'm like, I can see my, myself walking through this exact process in all of these posts. So it's almost like you take us on a journey throughout this. Right. Right. You're really telling, you're really telling a story just as on your homepage or your sales page as they begin at the top of the page and scroll down your page, you're taking them on a journey.

You're telling your story as well. And what's. doubly powerful as this is like the one to punch. So they're going to go stock you quickly on Instagram. Then they're going to go stock you on your website, right? Right. So the beautiful thing is you don't have to create two stories. You've got one story. That is showing up on your sales page or homepage and you've got one story that you've got the same story that you're telling on Instagram and because they're cohesive and aligned, it makes people feel good.

It makes you more memorable and they're like, Oh, this. Woman or man is clear about the work they do, and they're really showing up as a guide. They're showing here, both on the Freedom 15 and on their, on their website, that they care about the hero. They care about the hero's problem. They care about the hero's success more than they care about themselves.

Yeah. And that's really all we really care about, right? It's like at the end of the day, what we really care about is ourselves, right? Right. And that's not a bad thing. That is just human evolution. And, and I think I tell people, you know, when people land on your website or when people land on your Instagram, they're asking themselves three questions.

What's in it for me? What's in it for me? And what's in it for me? That's so good. And it's so true. I was expecting different questions. I was like, oh really? Three? But you're right. It's all the same. That's all we really care about at the end of the day. Like, when do I get on this? Yeah. Yeah. So good. Yeah.

So we have these testimonials, we have the freebie, and then I'm guessing there is one in here about the, what if you don't, do we have that? Is there a post about that too, like the constant inaction? Yes. That's baked into one of the posts. So there's not a leader with that, but one thing I want to talk about here is the final three posts.

Okay. Okay. Okay. are a very clear call to action. So this is where you make a visual statement. And like, I would liken this to like a billboard. If you're on the freeway, you've got a lot of billboards and they're very, very simple. And so the whole goal of this is to help them Take that next step. Whatever that step is to work with you.

And so I've created three posts at the bottom that are a visual break between my freedom 15 and all my other posts. Now, what I'm going to do is remove all the posts below that because Oh, you are. Okay. I am. You don't have to. It can always just sit up on top of your years of posting, right? And if you want, but I'm going to delete all the previous posts because I just want that simplicity of the Freedom 15.

I also reviewed all my other posts like over the years and I was like, there's nothing in these posts that isn't already part of the Freedom 15. Oh my gosh, yes, years of posting and it's all now concisely in this little nutshell of a story that somebody can get a sense of me in 30 seconds or they can sit with Freedom 15, dig around, poke around and really get to know me even better.

Yeah. And I love your call to action is to book your money making message call, which I love. What I love about the way you've done it is it you're like you said, it's in the three and it's, it's hard to articulate it because we're on a podcast, which we're verbalizing, but you really need to just go to her grid to see it.

But it's so clear. I'd like. Stands out of I mean, it like jumps out of the page when you look at it. It's very clear what the next step is or what the call to action is. Right. And I don't think I've ever seen any kind of Instagram grid or post or anything that is quite this, like. I haven't seen something jump out like this before, so the way you've done it is just amazing and totally typical of you.

Of course, I'm like, Oh my gosh. So one thing that you said that I want to just reiterate to everyone, please hear what Neill said. I know that some of you are going to be like, Oh my gosh, and this is just more work for me to do, but I want everybody to hear that. She said, it. It's the same as the story that you're telling on your website or your sales page.

They're the same. So you're just almost like taking in my mind. I'm like, okay, I'm just going to take the story branch because we redid 10 hour a week and the story brand framework, that sales page. I'm just going to take that. And I'm basically just going to create my 15 out of that. It's already there.

It's already there. I don't have to. I don't have to really do anything except just create the camera. Right. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So smart. Yeah. So I interrupted you a lot throughout this. No, you didn't. Unfortunately. So, I mean, like funny level, like highlight, what are the, you know, soundbites of the main post that we need to have in this read on 15?

Yeah. So just in a nutshell, you want to really identify the character, the hero, who are you working with? You really want to articulate their problem, take the time to articulate their problem, show them a vision of what success looks like after they've worked with you, not working with you features.

We're talking about benefits in their benefits that they're going to experience in their life. Okay. Then you want to introduce yourself as the guide using mostly empathy and some authority. And you want to give them a very clear three step plan to show them it's not going to be overwhelming to get the result that they're looking for.

Yeah. One of the things that you can copy directly from my page is that very clear call to action. So yeah, the call to action is so important. There's a reason that it takes up three posts. Now it looks a little funky, but you can upload them all at the same time. If someone's looking in their feed, nobody has said anything to me, but eventually I did it all at one time.

So. Make sure your call to action is clear. Make sure you have one call to action. What do you, what's the one thing you want them to do next after they've gone to your Instagram page? Also, you want to help them avoid, show them that you're going to help them avoid failure. So those are some of the key Components.

I think the other thing that I haven't mentioned is really building that trust with testimonials, and I have three different testimonial sections, but you can have one, you can have to, you know, make it your own. It's not a rigid framework. It's meant to adapt and to be customized for your own business. I love it.

I love it. So hopefully everybody goes and just stops your Instagram or she's going to get all kinds of new followers. It's going to be awesome. Yeah. But I can already hear people saying that sounds amazing, but it feels like a lot and I'm not very good at the story, brand and framework. And I actually reread the whole story brand book before we got on this call because I wanted to just explain.

Dive in and make sure I understood the formula really well and I had that clear in my mind. And so if somebody wants help doing this, because really if you think about this, like this is a great way to create time. You do this one time and for the rest of the year, you just let that grid do what it's supposed to do for you.

Right? Right. So if they wanted. Your help in doing this, how could they do that? All you have to do is go to my website, red door designs. com. That's R E D D O O R D E S I G N S. com. And there you'll find. Link to get the freedom 15, I'm going to provide you with templates and guidance. I'm going to help you map out the overview of your plan and then give you templates to really create each and every post.

So go ahead and go to my website and check it out. You can get it there. The other thing I wanted to share is that A lot of people ask me, well, what about, what if I want to post, you know, or what if I have a certain event that I really want to share? And oh, that's a great question, actually. Yeah. And the reality is reels are great for that.

So reels are going to engage new people. You can post on reels without it. Like messing up your grid stories are the same way so you can nurture your current audience with stories and there's all kinds of proof that show that it's really reels and stories are what how people want to engage with you so you don't have to do reels and stories but if you want to, you certainly can do that all you want, you can do it whenever you feel inspired to do it or you cannot do it.

It's. Totally up to you, but you know that your Instagram page and your grid is just there ready and willing and operating on all cylinders to convert those clients. That's, I love that because that gives you the freedom and the flexibility, right? Instead of that obligatory feeling like, Oh, I gotta go do my bones.

It's Oh, I feel inspired to share this, or I wanted to just let my audience know it's just such a different way of approaching it. Knowing you already have the framework set up there in your grid to take care of the stuff that you want to do, which is basically. Nurture her and warm people up and sell whatever it is that you want them to be taking the next action on Duke.

So, so smart. I hadn't even thought about that, but thank you for bringing that up. Yeah. Yeah, of course. So I, if you, if you all want this, which I can't even imagine, I don't even know who's not going to want this. Certainly we will put in the show notes, the link to all the things. So we'll link up to Neill's Instagram account.

So you can go look at what she's done, which is beautiful and amazing. We'll link up to the URL for you to get the freedom 15 and be able to use this exact process that Neill is coming up with. We're also going to link up to Neill's signature program copy that sells in case you want to take this work and expand it, which is really designing a sales page that is your top seller.

Right. For your programs, which is in two and a half hours. And I can attest to the fact that it didn't even take two and a half hours. It was faster than that. This is really mind blowing. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, you, we all have a lot on our plate. So the promise is copy that sells or story brand copy that sells in 2.

5 hours flat, and that's at the max, right? So it's a done for you service where I write the copy for you. So you don't have to struggle with your own words and try and sift through it. All the beautiful things that are in your brain, often so much gold in your brain and often lots of clutter too. And so I really know how to pull that story out of you.

And if you did go through Copy That Sells with me, Then you would really have the story to translate that into your own freedom. 15. Yeah. Which is exactly what I'm doing. Cause I've done work with you. I feel so grateful. Cause I'm like, okay, I at least understand you've trained me really well. I understand all these different pieces, but I still, I'm going to go by the freedom 15 because you include the templates and you, it's just going to make it faster and easier for me.

So I can't wait to get my hands on that again, my up and up and going. Neill, thank you so much for sharing this. I just, once you told me about it, I was like, Oh my gosh, it's like one of those things. I'm just like, I have to tell everybody about it because it's so amazing. I'm so, I'm so happy. I knew it would resonate with you because you are like the epitome of less is more, keep it simple.

And this offer is really aligned with that too. It really is. And it really is the answer to something that I hear so much from my clients, which is I don't want to do posting. I don't want to create Instagram. Do I have to be on social media? The answer is no. But if you did want to have a presence there, like Neill is saying, the reality is a lot of people try and figure out if, you know, we're right fit for them by going to or the social media platforms.

So this is a really efficient way of getting that done. And then really like setting it and forgetting it for the year. Right. Right. And, oh, you bring up a good point. You could set it and forget it for more than a year. You could also keep those posts handy in a folder, you know, somewhere on your computer.

And you could repost them in six months if you wanted to, or if you had a new core offer, right? So it's, it's there to work with you. It doesn't mean that you're trapped into a year long commitment with this. But like for me, I've been doing the work long enough that I know, like, I'll probably set it and forget it for, Two, three years.

Cause I know my core offers really aren't going to change. It's meant to give you the freedom that you want as much freedom as you want, but make it your own and have fun with it. So good. Thank you so much for being willing to share this on the show with everyone. I so appreciate it. Oh, you're welcome.

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