How a better brand experience can lead to bigger profits

I’ve talked before about how overwhelming & stressful a brand redesign project can be. It’s why so many companies put it on the back burner until problems start to crop up.

That’s where my client Leslie, CEO of Leadout, a leadership training company, was when she came to Red Door Designs for help.

​They were starting to feel the pressure of needing better results

The family-owned company had setup their digital home in the late 1990s, when the internet of things was new and competition was much slimmer. The website, which was created in-house, hadn’t evolved much over the years. So as the Leadout brand grew, and web standards became more sophisticated, the website became less and less viable for their needs and the demands of their customers. 

Finally, after a painfully long, grueling search for a design agency that could handle their multi-layered project, a referral from a friend led Leslie to us. 

​What they really needed was a design partner to help them navigate the process

Leslie wanted to create a cleaner, more modern web presence for Leadout. But she had concerns about whether an agency could deliver a solution that would also stay true to their legacy and values.

So our approach to creating a new design solution was to, first, learn about their brand’s history and the direction they wanted to take the company in next. That allowed us to craft an experience that would not only capture their values, but also support their priorities and goals.

​​What they got was way more than they had expected

​In the first month after relaunching their site, Leadout had a 15 percent increase in sales. By the end of that year their sales were up 25 percent over the previous year. Since it was their only investment in growing their brand that year — it was clear that their exponential results were directly attributed to the redesign.

​​It all starts with letting go of the reigns

(a little bit)

​​While the end-product led to break-through profits for Leadout, it was their commitment to being forward-thinking about building a better experience for their customers that really made the difference. Once they let go of trying to create what they wanted on their own, and trusted our team to understand and deliver what they were looking for, they were able to lean back, stay high-level and enjoy the process.

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